Archives: April 2015

Annual Spring Air Conditioning Tune Up for your HVAC System

Spring has arrived and with it comes a list of spring cleaning chores, yard work and a resolve to get everything organized and prepared for the warmer months ahead. While making your list of things that need to get done, don’t forget to include an air conditioning tune up for your HVAC system. An average family’s HVAC system runs about 3000 hours per year. Any system that works that hard requires a regularly scheduled maintenance every year. Spring time is the perfect season to service your HVAC system. The last thing you want to happen when the summer heat arrives is for your air conditioning units to shut down. A spring time tune up for your air conditioning will keep you cool all summer long. Yours By Design Heating and Cooling offers expert air conditioning tune ups in the Greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas of Minnesota.

Prevent Costly Air Conditioning System Repairs

An annual spring time maintenance tune up for your air conditioning is the best way to prevent unnecessary and costly repairs. It is not safe to always assume that when you turn your air conditioner on in the spring, and cold air comes out, that your unit is operating at its peak performance. For example, a dirty coil will continue to work but not efficiently. Many components of your air conditioning unit can appear to be working in the early spring, however when extreme temperatures press your system to work harder, the components that were barely hanging on in the spring will simply stop working altogether. Yours By Design Heating and Cooling can thoroughly inspect your air conditioning units and detect and fix any existing problems and also help prevent potential issues by making sure your system is clean and all parts are in working order. An annual tune up in the spring will improve and prolong the life and performance of your HVAC equipment.

Have a Cool Escape from the Summer Heat

Throughout the year HVAC systems can become clogged with pollen, leaves, dirt and dust. Components wear out and should be replaced before they fail, causing you costly repairs, potentially on the hottest day of the year. Nothing feels quite as refreshing as escaping the stifling heat from outside by entering your home and feeling the cool breeze blowing through your vents. A home with no air conditioning in the summer time can make life miserable. A spring time air conditioning unit tune up will ensure your home will be a cool escape from the summer heat.

Decrease in Energy Bills and Longer Lasting Air Conditioner Units

Other than preventing costly repairs, the small up-front cost of a spring time air conditioning tune up can save you a significant amount of money in other areas as well. You will see a decrease in your energy bill, this is due to your HVAC system running much more efficiently. A spring tune up will also pro-long the life of your system, helping you get as much out of your air conditioning unit as possible.

To ensure a cool summer, lower energy costs and a feeling of confidence in your air conditioning unit, schedule a spring time tune up. Contact Yours by Design Heating and Cooling today to keep your system running efficiently and your family cool this summer.