Chuck B.
April 1, 2015

With the weather being so unseasonably cool this year, we hadn’t had to turn on our air conditioning unit until recently. And unfortunately it wasn’t blowing cold air. My wife and I were both in dread thinking about the cost of a new air conditioning installation not to mention the unit itself. Thankfully my brother recommended Yours By Design because he was happy with the commercial air conditioning service at his office recently. They were affordable and best of all, they were able to do the ac repair so that we didn’t have to get a new unit yet. I can say from personal experience that they are an excellent residential air conditioning company too! I even feel like our ac blows cooler air than it did before. I’m sold. I’m planning to call them back out for our dryer vent cleaning and any future ac maintenance we might need. Thanks guys, my whole family (including pets) appreciates you keeping us cool right now.